I am always looking for additional artists/crafters to create new harmonica cases for me.

Since my collection has grown to over 500 cases, I am very careful to seek only unique designs that complement my existing collection.

If you would like to be considered for a commission to produce a case for me, feel free to contact me directly.

For those who I commission to make cases, I provide some general design guidelines - see below for these guidelines.

How to Design a Harmonica Case for Hoff

Rule #1 - There is NO rush 

Design discussions with Hoff are welcome by email or phone


  • Standard size harmonica (e.g. Hohner Bluesband) 

  • 4 & 1/8 inches in length – 1 & 1/8 inches wide - 3/4 inches thick  (note: this is the size of harmonica that will fit into the case) 

  • Snug fit for harmonica inside the case (minimum wiggle room)

  • Access to harmonica from case, so it can be easily removed and played 

  • To be worn like necklace - 28 inch neck "strap" from top of case on one side to top of case on other side - or adjustable size strap

  • Cover – needs some way to protect harmonica from falling out 

  • Name - placed on back of case – HOFF (all capital letters preferred) 

Colors - tbd

Cost - tbd

Special Design Features - tbd

Bob Hoffman (aka: Hoff the Harmonica Case Man)

Washington DC.

All harmonica case photos by Amanda Hoffman

For free use of photos please contact Hoff directly

Collection is available to display at gallery shows and exhibitions.

Reminder: NOTHING in this harmonica case collection is for sale.

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