Hoff harmonica cases Robert Hoffman
Hoff harmonica cases Robert Hoffma

Who is Bob Hoffman

I am a retired attorney living with my family in Washington DC. near the National Zoo.

I started playing the harmonica in 2003.

Since 2004, I have commissioned artists/crafters to create “boxes/cases” specifically designed to hold a harmonica.

I now have the world’s largest collection of originally handcrafted harmonica cases.

The collection contains over 500 harmonica cases that are created from many different types of materials  - wood; glass; metal; beads; eggshell; fabric; plastic; bone; zippers; clay, etc, etc


The process I follow is to provide a set of general “design guidelines” and co-design the cases with commissioned artists both nationally and internationally

Over the past few years I have curated exhibitions/shows of this unique collection throughout the country. 

I have published three books containing photographs of the collection.

I am available to exhibit the cases as appropriate- keeping in mind that nothing is for sale - everything in my collection is for display only.

Hoff is More Than Harmonica Cases

See Some Other Life Experiences Below

Interview of Hoff in his Washington DC neighborhood of Mount Pleasant (6 mintes)

The Mount Pleasant neighborhood is located in the northwest section of Washington DC adjacent to Rock Creek Park and the National Zoo.  Hoff moved to the neighborhood in 1974. Many of the local neighbors have formed a “Village” that is designed to support each other. as they "age in place". Hoff helped to organize this group and served on the Board of Directors of the Village.  Here he is interviewed about his over 40 year experience in the neighborhood;.

Secret Washington DC - Book of "weird wonderful and obscure" sites in Washington DC -Published in 2021-and offered as gifts at 75th Birthday of Hoff - (4 minutes)

This intriguing book is intended for those who want to discover more than just the traditional “monumental core” of Washington DC. It is chock full of interesting stories, including one excellent photo and two page display about Hoff the Harmonica Case Man.  Also contains vintage video footage of this book being gifted to attendees at the 75th Birthday of Hoff, which took place at his cemetery plot at Congressional Cemetery.


Each year Hoff plants 20 fresh basil plants in his garden.  When they grow to maturity, he reaps the harvest and uses the basil crop as the basis for his award winning Pesto Recipe. Hoff’s friends and family know that they are due to receive the treat of some of the best pesto in the country.  

Hoff Newsy story The Harmonica Case Man

NEWSY Network "The Harmonica Case Man" - July 2019 (3 minutes)

An entertaining video news story from the NEWSY network. Shows interview of Hoff at home showing and explaining the world's largest collection of harmonica cases.

Hoff Travel to Peru / Machu Picchu - 2019 (4 minutes)

Follow Hoff on his voyage to Peru, and see the sites of Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Machu Picchu.

Woodstock - My Experience at the Historic 1969 Concert (8 minutes)

1969 was a very eventful year.

One key event occurred August 15-17 1969 - the historic Woodstock Music Concert.- which actually took place in Bethel NY near the town of Woodstock.

This video provides amazing footage of the memorable event, based on Hoff's perspective as one of the half million attendees.

Hoff at 50 (20 minutes)

I was born in 1946.  When I celebrated my 50th birthday in 1996, I organized a party for myself with friends and family.  One of the major items of entertainment at the party was the showing of a video of the various stages of my life, from birth to age 50.  Provides interesting background and insights.

Ethan Hoffman Retrospective/Memorial (15 minutes)

My brother was a very highly regarded photojournalist.  Unfortunately, he died in an accident at age 40, while on assignment shooting a magazine story.  On the 25th anniversary of his death (2015) my sister and I produced a video of our brother Ethan Hoffman, to celebrate his work and life.

Rock Around the Clock (2 minutes)

This is a brief video of me “singing” the ageless song “Rock Around the Clock”, originally performed by Bill Haley and the Comets.  I have able accompaniment from my two sons (Eli on guitar) and Josh (on keyboards).  It was produced before I started playing harmonica, so unfortunately there is no harmonica solo to be found.

Weatherman Audition (1 minute)

I worked as an attorney for 25 for the large non-profit organization AARP.  When I retired in 2014, I was asked by many of my colleagues about my retirement plans.  I told them one goal in retirement was to consider becoming a part-time TV Weatherman.  Therefore, to show my passion for this, I produced this weatherman audition interview with the assistance of the local NBC affiliate TV station in Washington DC.

Death Diaries Podcast screenshot_edited_

From Avoiding to Embracing Death

The Death Diaries  *   Starring Hoff

The narrator of the podcast states "On this episode we hear from Hoff, who shares with us his journey from avoiding death to embracing it. You'll learn how he's channeled it to create a healthier and happier lifestyle while preparing for his own end of life process."

(30 minutes)

Death cafe.jpg

Death Cafe (3 minutes)

A group of strangers meet at a DEATH CAFE in Washington DC- to discuss end of life issues.

Hoff is one member of the discussion group.  Many aspects of life and death are discussed informally ofter tea and cake.

Hoff with skelaton.jpg

Hoff Transition Note---"DRAFT for FUTURE

Bob Hoffman, better known as “HOFF” has transitioned to the next adventure.

After many years of “end of life” preparation, Hoff is now exploring the best ways to continue his energy and spirit and soul in a new realm.  He is very grateful for all of the love, good times, humor, thoughtfulness, joy, and care, received from all of his family and friends.  

For a great overview of Hoff’s life and legacy, please go to his extensive website at hoffharmonica.com.  


To visit with Hoff in the future, you have two excellent options:


Option #1 - Please go to any of his cremation sites where you can visit his cremains/ashes. These can be found at a few locations in Washington DC (especially Congressional Cemetery), as well as at sites in NYC, and Burlington, Vermont. You can see a complete list of specific sites of the ashes locations on his website, or 

Option #2 - Whenever you want or desire to connect, simply think of him - he is available - and he will still be with you in spirit.